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Digital Appointment Charting

Virtual 3D human model plus SOAP notes. The future of client record keeping has finally arrived.

Welcome to the first and only iPad charting app for acupuncturists. Never has charting your client’s progress been so easy or effortless. With AcuCharting, keep your session notes on an intuitive app that works the way you work.

Taking Notes

Snap photos of your client’s conditions or injuries.
Write handwritten formulas in Chinese characters.
Record an audio note with a click of a button.
For any note, choose between audio, typed, handwritten, or photo formats.

No matter how you work, AcuCharting will adapt.

Virtual 3D Model

AcuCharting’s #1 feature is our patent-pending 3D model for recording needle locations. Never before has an actual recording of your treatment protocol been so precise, easy, and visual. Use your fingers to move and manipulate an anatomically-accurate human model. Then, click to drop pins. Even record notes about each specific pin. Recording protocols is as easy as tapping.

Made for iPads

Simple yet powerful.  Managing your client records is effortless with our interface optimized for iOS.  If you know how to use your iPhone or iPad, then you’ll be using AcuCharting in minutes.

Spend your time wisely…with your client!


AcuCharting follows HIPAA guidelines for client safety and security. Only you have access to your practice. App data is stored on an encrypted and secure server. All communication between your iPad and the central server is transmitted via encrypted channels. Following HIPAA guidelines, we created the necessary features so that your business remains HIPAA compliant.

Tiered Pricing

Our pricing plans are tiered so that you can grow your practice with fees that are always reasonable. As you add more clients to your practice, simply change your account to the next tier and continue growing!

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