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Synchronized Data

Move seamlessly between your desktop and iPad with cloud synchronization.  Document your session with a client through the iPad, then later log into the website on your laptop to update and review your notes.


Browse History

Browse your client’s past appointments with a swipe.


For any note, choose between audio, typed, handwritten, or photo formats. You choose!

3D Model

Our patent-pending 3D human model allows you to precisely record your treatment protocol in real time.

Secure and HIPAA Compliant

Data is stored on Amazon’s HIPAA compliant Amazon Web Services. All client-identifiable data is stored encrypted at all times. By solely leveraging iPads as the mobile extension of AcuCharting, we utilize built-in security features of iOS to ensure a high level of security.

Web or Tablet?

AcuCharting is designed around using the best device for the appropriate task.  For interacting with your clients and taking notes, we’ve designed the iPad app to be quick, intuitive, and easy for just that purpose.  When you want to manage your practice and review notes, there’s the web app that designed around mouse and keyboard interaction.  Instead of trying to make one environment do all — we’ve built a system that offers the best experience possible for your entire day.

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