AcuCharting is for Sale

Contact us about how you can purchase this startup and it’s intellectual property.

The future of client record keeping has officially launched…

March 1st, 2017 introduces a new service with a vision of helping practitioners move from paper to digital records. Never before has technology been able to offer a tool (the iPad), and a service that is easier, faster, and more efficient to use, than the traditional paper SOAP notes that almost every alternative medicine practitioner uses still today.  By moving to digital, we believe we can create better outcomes – for your clients, your practice, and for the acupuncture community as a whole.

We are excited to announce that after a year of development, much qi (yes pun intended) and extensive testing, AcuCharting is ready to take on your clients. We’ve accomplished so much this year and there are so many people to thank, including:

  • Our Board – for your wisdom and guidance
  • Kevin – innovative graphic design skills, UX/UI, and branding
  • Max – the brains behind the iPad app
  • Artem – additional development and support for the iPad app
  • Cezar and Slava – for brilliant development and DB architecture for the web application
  • Vladimir and Sorin – thank you for your trust, numerous conference calls, and business development support
  • Radu – Server and AWS management
  • Lauren – social media savviness

AcuCharting has come a long way from a dream 4 years ago. Today marks a giant milestone in that journey. BUT, there’s no resting. There are so many more features to add and work to do.  This launch just marks another phase – the beginning of so much more. We look forward to having you join us on this journey!

Be sure to follow us on any one of our social media channels to keep up to date with what’s new with AcuCharting and of course, try it out!