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Here at AcuCharting we have been overwhelmed by the positive response to our “1.0” launch earlier this year. AcuCharting was originally started as an iPad app, and the web portal added later.  What we didn’t realize was just how popular the web portal was going to be.  Because of this, we decided to shift resources towards improving the web portal experience.

Before and After Changes with the AcuCharting Portal

Before and after changes with the AcuCharting portal

As a result of these efforts we’re happy to announce “2.0” of the AcuCharting web portal! We dedicated extensive time, research, and effort to really improve the user experience of the web portal.  The entire interface is streamlined with a focus on keeping your records as quick and easy to manage as possible.

On the left side is the navigation menu for the major sections of the service.  We’re excited for the menu to grow as we add more features (we’re not saying what we have planned yet, but it’s going to be good!).

The next added feature is your anchor – the “breadcrumb” trail — to tell you exactly where you are in relation to areas of the service. You can use this feature to go back to the previous area.

Finally the entire content area has been improved. The colors, layout, and functionalities, have been carefully addressed to give users a cleaner and overall more efficient experience. The responsiveness, or “how the site adjusts for different screen sizes”, has been greatly improved.  While we still suggest using the iPad for a mobile experience, accessing the web portal on a mobile device will now provide an equally integrated experience.

We can’t wait to hear how much you love the new 2.0 portal and welcome any and all feedback.  Stay tuned for new features coming soon!