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One of the most tasking parts of your acupuncture appointment can be compiling and organizing your SOAP notes. Software like AcuCharting can make your notes and appointment management easier and can help create positive outcomes for your clients.

The iPad is one of the most convenient devices for use AcuCharting. There are a number of reasons that using the iPad for your SOAP notes can make you a much more efficient acupuncturist.

Less of a Physical Obstruction between You and Your Client

The iPad is a small, portable and versatile device that eliminates the physical barrier that a computer would create between you and your clients. The absence of a physical obstruction can improve your client’s care experience by allowing you to focus more on your client. It can create a more open and inviting interaction with your client and encourage effective, personal and informative communication.

Typically weighing a little over one pound and only a quarter of an inch in thickness, iPads are easy to handle. You can effortlessly carry it with you so you have your clinic’s SOAP notes close by you at all times. Even if you prefer the layout of the computer, the iPad has the maneuverability to be docked to a keyboard and manages to be less of an obstruction than a desktop computer.

More Reliable

When it comes to managing your digital SOAP notes and any other information regarding your clients, reliability is an essential factor in a device. On average, iPads are more dependable than computers. Other tablets or laptops are more likely to suffer from various software and hardware issues. Everything that is used in the construction of the iOS undergoes very stringent quality control assessments by Apple before it is released to be used by the public. The device also has a long battery life. It can be operated for an extended period of time, without interruption, throughout your work day.

Faster to Use

When using your iPad for taking SOAP notes, you will also find that the device is much easier to use. Due to its powerful processor and iOS, it has a response time that is much faster than computer-based programs and can make the AcuCharting app feel fluid and fast. This means that you will experience less of a hassle when you need to pull up your client’s records at a moment’s notice, review previous notes, input or amend SOAP notes. You will conduct these tasks much quicker than if you had used a computer or manually updated your paper records. Also, despite the advanced technology is behind the iPad’s interface, the main screen is uncluttered and contains only the apps you have loaded on the device. This makes accessing AcuCharting a simple matter of tapping on the app.

Richer Input Options

Another beneficial feature of the iPad is it gives you more convenient options to input your SOAP notes. Its touch screen allows you to use your finger to navigate, which can be much faster than using a mouse. On many versions, there is a built-in customizable keyboard. You have the option of using a stylus pen for input. Some versions provide a variety of tools you can use while taking your SOAP notes and have virtually no lag between the time you begin to write or draw and when it actually appears on your screen.

The front and back camera on the iPad provide you the opportunity to take SOAP notes in multiple formats, including detailed photographs and recorded audio that you can upload onto AcuCharting. These features aid in the treatment of your clients. Editing information is done right on the device.

More Security

As a responsible acupuncturist, maintaining the security of your client’s information is a priority that affects the quality of care you are able to provide to your clients. AcuCharting is an app that is compliant with HIPAA standards and continuously stores all of its client-identifiable data behind a wall of encryption. When the app is used on an iPad, it provides its own superior security features. You can be confident you are providing the confidentiality that you and your clients can depend on.

The key to preserving confidentiality is to make sure that you are the only one authorized to access the information. The security features that the iPad provides are superior to that of computers, laptops, tablets and paper notes. The most powerful iPad security options may be the Touch ID.

Using your fingerprint as your iPad password as an alternative to entering a passcode key means that your password will always be unique and will always be with you. Touch ID makes the processes of instantly unlocking your iPad, accessing confidential information in your AcuCharting app and preventing the unauthorized use of your device very simple by requiring you to press your finger against the screen.

The mobile operating system of the iPad, the iOS, provides additional advanced security options. In fact, according to the Apple website, every part of the iPad is designed and built with security in mind. For example, the features of the firmware and hardware provide protection against viruses and malware.

Having the ability to store the SOAP notes for your clients on a mobile device like the iPad can help you become a better acupuncturist. Its technology allows you to easily access your notes without having to search through paperwork or decipher handwriting. The essential client information you use in AcuCharting is readily available and allows you to make quick and informed decisions about your clients’ treatments.